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It’s summer time, and the weather is hot. We all know how the words to that old song go, but not everyone is as familiar with how the warmer weather can impact your car’s performance and reliability. With summer’s prime driving season upon us, it’s more important than ever to make sure your car is in tiptop shape.

  • One of the first things dealership technicians will verify during a summer inspection is the state of your vehicle’s tires. The extra heat thrown off by the pavement during the warmer months of the year can add additional stress to tire rubber that is worn out or nearing its replacement date.
  • This last point is also crucial for dealing with any rainstorms you might encounter while out on the highway – bald tires are a significant contributor to hydroplaning, which can see you lose control of your car when encountering standing water or heavy rain. Technicians will also verify that each of your tires is filled with exactly the right amount of air, as too much or too little can contribute to excessive tread wear, as well as lower fuel economy.
  • The next stage for most summer tune-ups takes place under the hood where your vehicle’s air filter will be inspected to determine whether it must be replaced.
  • Other engine-related summer maintenance items that can improve your car’s miles per gallon include spark plugs and fuel filters.
  • In addition to performing the standard brake pad, rotor and fluid checks that should be done every time you have your automobile in for servicing, one of the final things that dealership technicians will verify as being in good working order is your car’s cooling and air conditioning systems.

Summer car maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, getting your car ready for the hottest and busiest driving season is as simple as stopping in at your local dealership and putting yourself in their capable hands.

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