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How intricately entangled is Toyota’s assembly operation to our home state? The answer may be more than you expect.  Toyota operates two assembly plants in the state of Indiana. One is completely dedicated to production of Toyota vehicles, and the other is the product of a joint venture with Fuji Heavy Industries.

While the primary production of the Toyota Camry is alongside the Avalon in Georgetown, Kentucky, Toyota is also building them in Lafayette, Indiana.  Through a joint partnership with Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru), a much more niche’ automaker.  This proves beneficial to the people of Lafayette and Subaru as well, as the production demands of smaller brands doesn’t warrant the extra man power and shifts to produce the vehicles.

In Princeton, Indiana, Toyota assembles the Sequoia, the Highlander and the class leading Toyota Sienna.  The Sienna is one of the leading Minivans on the market today, and sets the standard for what a high end Minivan should look like.  The latest numbers from Toyota state the facility employs 4100 workers in Southern Indiana.

Domestic production for Toyota is rapidly approaching 1 Million Vehicles assembled in the United States, using Domestic and Globally sourced parts.  Other Domestically Assembled cars include the Toyota Corolla, Mississippi; the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma, Texas; and the Toyota Venza, Avalon and Camry just south of us in Georgetown, Kentucky. Toyota has clearly made a commitment towards Domestic production, and that’s something to be proud of for both company and as a country.

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